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i have moved!

Hello everyone! This post is to let you know that I have MOVED! From now on (actually from about a month and a half ago...) I will be posting my icons, banners, and other graphic-making endeavors at abstract_static. As much as I love Kimberley dearest (assuringlynerdy , remember her?), I think it is time that I move on to a new graphics community. This one, it makes me sad to say, seems to have lost its life (if you could say it had any to begin with), and I need a new place to post my work.

In any case, I encourage you to join abstract_static. I think it's pretty awesome so far. Admittedly I've only made one post (with another one on the way in the next couple of days), but I think it's going pretty well thus far. Posts are made members only after one week, so definitely join and watch if you so choose. I'll see you guys there...
skins 3: bike ride

spam me, for the love of all things good

So. No one ever comments on my entries. It is more than a little distressing. I spend a fair amount of time on my icons and then all I'll get is one or two comments per batch. Really? Not cool. Therefore... *drumroll*

SPAM ME with good quality images of anything. I'm hoping that if you guys give me some things to icon, maybe I'll get more comments and therefore have more incentive to continue this icon making thing. There is NO LIMIT to how many images you can post. Please, I'm begging you, SPAM SPAM SPAM.
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i don't know how i'm meant to feel anymore

So, this post is sort of... all over the place. Some icons are from a really long time ago, and some I made just recently. It's sort of crazy. I don't know if I like this batch. But then again, I never particularly like any of my batches, so. I do, however, feel this is probably my best batch yet, which is good. Although I don't know what that says about me as an icon maker. Probably that I suck. Eh.

[11] Actors and actresses - Hugh Dancy, Hilary Duff, Evangeline Lilly, Leighton Meester, Natalie Dormer, Sophia Bush
[16] Skins - 3.03, misc. series one and two

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you're my favorite bird and when you sing

I'm not sure I like these icons, but I'm not completely ashamed of them so I think that's a good sign. I think that later I might write up a tutorial for the coloring that I used in most of this post; let me know if you'd like that. I'll try to post more often from now on now that I have a permanent copy of Photoshop.

[12] Actors and actresses (Leighton Meester, Natalie Dormer, Blake Lively, Mila Kunis, Rachel McAdams, Nicholas Hoult)
[11] ANTM-related models (Nicole Linkletter, Tyra Banks, Analeigh Tipton)
[25] Television (LOST, Gossip Girl, The Tudors)

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jesus christ, i'm not scared to die

Hooray for another icon post! I haven't posted in a while. School sucks. And so do these icons, actually. I hope you can forgive me. Hopefully I'll get some more icons made during Thanksgiving break, but we'll see.

[17] Gossip Girl - Season 1
[1] Nicholas Hoult
[5] Leigton Meester
[11] The Wizard of Oz


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you'll be missed, miss california

Sorry for... not posting in just about forever. These icons have been on my computer for an eternity, I just haven't posted them. Most of them suck. All of them except for like... four. Seriously. They are painful. I don't like them, but I need to post them and get them away from me so I can make a different post with icons I've made more recently and not have it be contaminated by the suckage.

[1] Alexis Bledel
[11] Gossip Girl
[8] LOST

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elise needs feedback!

I'd like your feedback on some schtuff as I continue making icons, etc. Because feedback helps me improve, and improvement is pretty awesome. I've been playing around with using more textures and stuff in my icons, and I want to know what you think.

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I know that in the past I've been the icon maker who's been all, "Yay! Simple icons! Bright coloring!" but I recently applied to elitarts (and got in! Yay!) and ch4ndler (a really awesome icon maker, you should definitely check out her work if you haven't already) suggested that I do some more stuff with textures, etc. SO. I've tried some new stuff, and I want to know what you think! POLL TIME!

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So yeah, if you could fill that poll out it would be super-helpful for me. Really. I will love you forever. And now I should go do homework. Thanks!
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oh the bus don't go to hogwarts...

I apologize for my distinct lack of posting for the past... two months. I was at a summer program at the University of Maryland for three weeks, which entailed a lot of work and socializing. That means not a lot of time for icon-making. Sad panda. In any case, I have a bunch of icons now! Let me know what you think of them. I saved .PSDs for a couple of the major colorings I used in this batch, too, so let me know if you want tutorials. I'm happy to write them up.

[5] Alexis Bledel
[22] Gilmore Girls (almost all season three)
[9] Mila Kunis
[6] Blake Lively
[8] Rachel McAdams (two with Ryan Gosling)
[22] The Notebook
[23] Stock (Landscapes, fruit, flowers, Australia)
[4] Miscellaneous (Jim Sturgess, Jason Mraz)


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take back everything you ever said

After... a very, very long time, another icon post! Exciting, eh? This is, in fact, my biggest post ever. Pretty awesome. I made a lot of Gilmore Girls icons, since it's been a long time since I've done that. I also went crazy iconning actresses. Because you guys are too lame to request icons, I took the liberty of going through the interest lists in everyone's profiles to find actresses. So hopefully there will be something for everyone in this post. I'll go through and do actors for my next icon post. It'll be awesome. Anyway... I suppose that's it. I don't know, maybe it's not. It's nearly three in the morning, though, so cut me some slack. Onto the icons!

[7] Evangeline Lilly
[6] Elizabeth Mitchell
[3] Olivia Wilde
[8] Alexis Bledel
[6] Evan Rachel Wood
[9] Zooey and Emily Deschanel
[3] Anne Hathaway
[5] Kristen Bell
[3] Katherine Heigl
[6] Keira Knightley
[15] Maggie Grace
[3] Sophia Bush
[6] Miscellaneous Actresses (Michaela Conlin, Rachel Bilson, Rachel McAdams, Hilarie Burton, Natalie Dormer)
[3] Miscellaneous Actors (William Mosley, Jackson Rathbone)
[4] Jared Padalecki
[1] The Hush Sound
[55] Gilmore Girls
[4] Gossip Girl


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